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BLOCK B – Today is Tuesday and we are on a Block B schedule today. So look around…you should be in your 3rd period class right now until 9:25. There are bell schedules in the halls and some available for you to pick up here at the front offices. Remember to take your time as you test and do not rush through it. Contrary to popular belief – your scores do matter. Especially for our 8th graders that will be heading to the high school next year. Block scheduling allows you the time in classes to get your assignments finished and get help from your teacher if you need it.

SCHEDULES – There will be no schedule changes or requests made today – please go to all of your Block B classes today.

TRACK PICTURES – Thursday this week our track team’s first track meet. The track meet will be held at Douglas High School. Track pictures will also be on Thursday before the team gets on the track bus.

CONGRATS! Congratulations to Hurrsh Misstry – he placed 2nd at the Douglas County Spelling Bee! We are super proud of you, Hurrsh! One more note from Mrs. Gale; if you would like to participate in this year’s summer reading program, come talk to Mrs. Gale in the library and pick-up a permission slip.

HALLWAYS – The halls are still quite loud and pushy at the end of classes. There is also a large amount of snack trash just left on the floors in the halls. Please remember to keep your voices at a level 3, walk on the right side of the halls and not in the middle, and keep your hands to yourselves.

WHAT’S FOR LUNCH TODAY? Orange chicken over rice or variety bar choices

WORD OF THE WEEK – Our word of the week is PERSERVERANCE – “which is the hard you do after the hard work you already did”

JOKE OF THE DAY – What kind of shorts to clouds wear? THUNDERWEAR!!