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BLOCK A – We are having a Block A schedule today students! Hope you’re in your first period class.

HALLS – Just another reminder hornets, that our halls are WAY too loud for safety while getting to classes. Please remember that there should be no yelling, whistling, or screaming while in the halls – you should be using your inside voice at a Level 3.

SUMMER READING PROGRAM – Have you talked to Mrs. Gale yet about the Summer Reading Program yet? She’s got some great summer reads and it is also a good time to get a jump start on the Battle of the Books. Remember that there are always prizes for participation and effort!!

WORD OF THE WEEK – Considerate: How can we be considerate today? Here’s a few ideas: Show up on time to class, think about someone’s feelings instead of your own, smile A LOT, and mind your manners. Even the smallest considerations make a HUGE difference!

WHAT’S FOR LUNCH TODAY? Chef’s choice or variety bar choices