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Welcome back hornets! We have missed our 7th and 8th graders! Let’s make this school year one of the best ones yet! We have some new staff members, some new classes, and great things planned for you this year!!

Hornet Football – Our 7th and 8th grade football and volleyball teams have their first games of the season today and the games are here at home!! The 7th grade teams both begin their games at 4:00pm and both 8th grade teams will play immediately after. Students, you are ABSOLUTELY welcome to come to the games this afternoon, however you must go home first. Students are not allowed to hang out after school until 4:00pm. Please remember to be respectful and show positive support during these games. Your behavior always reflects your school, your family, and your community.

Halls & Volume – Hornets, please remember to walk on the right hand side of the hall as you travel to class – don’t stroll down the hall smack dabby in the middle! Your voices should be at a volume 3 – which means just loud enough for you to chat with your friend you are walking down the hall with. Please do not yell to your friend to get their attention down the hall. Walk with a purpose to get to your classes, but please do not run.

Vending Machines – Please remember that not everyone will be able to use the vending machines during the 10 minute break in the morning. If you have a five or ten dollar bill, please ask Peggy to change it out for one dollar bills. The vending machines tend to get cranky with bigger bills.

What’s for lunch today? Good question! It will be a surprise.