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DRESS CODE – With the warmer weather approaching, we want to remind our students that what you wear to school really does matter. Our student handbook states the expectations for dress code here on campus: Pajamas, slippers, costumes, spaghetti straps, strapless shirts or dresses, tank tops with large arm holes, shirts that do not cover the mid-driff, and clothing that reveals undergarments are considered inappropriate for school. All shoes must have a sole. Students should wear clothing that is free of holes above the mid-thigh. Skirts and shorts should be long enough to cover your mid-thigh. Mornings are still going to be very chilly or cold, so always bring a sweatshirt. If you wear flip-flops to school, bring a back-up pair of shoes in your backpack in case they break during the day.

PDA – Just a reminder that public displays of affection are not okay here on the Coffenberry campus. What is PDA? Any displays of affection between students that distracts from the respectful learning environment we strive to achieve; which includes holding hands, smooching, hugging, and locking arms with others. Because of the wide range of age and maturity of middle school students, this policy is strictly enforced. Pretty much, just keep your hands to yourself, hornets.

SUSBA REGISTRATION – Online registration is happening NOW for the South Umpqua Summer Baseball Association’s summer season. You can check out their Facebook page to access the link. Stop by the office to pick up a flyer.

WHAT’S FOR LUNCH TODAY? Orange chicken over rice or turkey sandwich