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DRESS CODE – With the warmer weather approaching, we want to remind our students that what you wear to school really does matter. Our student handbook states the expectations for dress code here on campus. A couple of reminders are to make sure that your shirts cover your bellies, shoes must have a sole, no shirts or dresses without straps or with spaghetti straps, and no tank tops that have large arm holes. We are seeing a lot of shorter shorts and skirts – but these should be long enough to cover your mid-thigh and have no holes above the mid-thigh, as well. Please be aware that if you are not following these expectations, you will need to call home to get clothing that follows the school dress code.

PDA – Public displays of affection are not okay here on the Coffenberry campus. What is considered PDA? Any displays of affection between students that distracts from the respect and safety of the school learning environment; which includes holding hands, smooching, hugging, and locking arms with others. Because of the wide range of age and maturity of middle school students, this policy is strictly inforced. Pretty much, just keep your hands to yourselves, hornets.

CELL PHONES – There have been quite a few cell phone violations this week in classes. Please remember to be mindful of your teachers’ class expectations when it comes to your cell phone or other electronic device. There are consequences when it comes to cell phone violations.

STUDENTS CHECKING IN/OUT – Hornets, please remember to check in and out at Shirley’s office when you arrive late to school and when you check-out if you are going to an appointment or going home ill. Don’t just go out to the car – make sure we know at the office that you have left or arrived. It’s a safety and attendance keeping issue.

WHAT’S FOR LUNCH TODAY? Cheese pizza or ham & cheese sandwich