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BREAKFAST – We just want to remind our 7th and 8th graders that you can totally get breakfast when you get off the bus in the mornings. Just go in and out the same doors that you use during lunch! Make sure that you get some breakfast each day. I know a lot of you have already heard me say this – but like a car cannot run without gas, our bodies cannot run without food; especially our brains! Take a moment when you get off the bus in the morning and grab some breakfast so your motor can run all day.

BATHROOM BEHAVIOR – Hornets, please keep the restrooms clean and free of your trash and clutter. Please use the facility respectfully and quickly. There should never be any handwriting on walls, trash on floors or in toilets, and you should be using the bathroom quickly, quietly, and getting yourself back to class as soon as possible. The bathrooms are not to be a place to hang out or be used in a disrespectful manner.

END OF 3RD QUARTER – This Thursday marks the end of the third nine weeks of school. There will be no school on Friday this week so teachers can do your report cards. Monday, there is no school due to staff development. That’s a four-day weekend students, so work hard for the next three days and finish the third quarter strong. Next Tuesday will be the first day of the fourth quarter.

WHAT’S FOR LUNCH TODAY? SW soft taco or fajita salad