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SCHOOL RULES – Hornets, we are having some serious behavioral issues here on campus that need to be addressed and corrected. Our three school-wide rules: Be Safe, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible need to be followed by all students on campus at all times. When a staff member reminds you to walk on the right side of the hallways, please do not roll your eyes and give them “a look.” That is disrespectful and they are just trying to keep everyone safe in the halls while students are going to class. It is not okay to talk mean to or about someone else. That is not being respectful or responsible. How so? When you talk trash about someone or to someone, you are disrespecting them and not being responsible for your behavior. It is a lot easier to be nice to others than it is to be mean. It hurts others and believe it or not, it hurts you, too. Please keep your hands and feet to yourself. No smacking or tapping others. That is not being safe or respectful. It is also important to remember that your voices in the halls do matter. Voices should be at a level 2 conversation voice without any yelling, screaming, or random noises in the halls at any time. This is a safety issue – especially if we need to get your attention in the hallways if there is an emergency.

CHROMEBOOKS – Chromebooks need to be brought to school each day, charged and ready to use.