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PICTURE DAY – Tomorrow is picture day here on campus, hornets! Bring you bright smiles and you picture packets with you tomorrow. Your grown-up can also order photos online.

HORNET OPEN HOUSE! – Monday, September 18th, will be our Open House here at Coffenberry. We would love to meet your family and have you show them where you spend most of your day. We will be serving Frito-pie for dinner from 5:30 to 6:00 in our brandy-new cafeteria. From 6:00 to 7:30, you can take your family on a campus tour. It will be a fun evening and we hope you can be there.

TARDY – Hornets, we are in the third week of school now and it is time for you to get to your next class on time! Please manage your time wisely between classes by going to your locker if you need to or using the restroom. Using your time wisely as you go to your next class is being responsible – and we can see you when you do that!

PERFUMES/COLOGNES – Hornets, please remember that we are a fragrance-free school. Colognes, body sprays, and perfumes are not to be used while you are on the Coffenberry campus, use them at home. If you need deodorant, Mrs. Maloney always has some available for you to grab right outside her office.

CAFETERIA – We have had some issues with students not being safe or responsible as they are leaving the cafeteria during lunch time. Please do not push and shove others while you are going to class from lunch and recess. Please make sure that you clean up your lunch trash or any mess on the table. It’s very much appreciated by the cafeteria and custodial staff.

FLAG CREW – At this time, will the Flag Crew please come to the office.

WHAT’S FOR LUNCH TODAY? Crispy chicken nuggets or variety bar choices