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Mrs.Pennington: Math/SS Teacher

Cheer & Track Coach

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Lesson Plans

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I will try to keep my lesson plans as up to date as possible. Please realize plans, assignments and assessments may change at a moments notice based on schedules, student progress and unforeseen events.


School Closure Assignments are on the following websites:

Math 2 & M.Math Prodigy: 15  minutes per day (105 minutes)

Algebra: Khan Academy 

SS6: Google Classroom (Code: lmol3mq )

SS7: ConnectEd   

SS8: ConnectEd 


The following inks can be helpful if you have issues or trouble with your homework

Scientific Calculator

Graphing Calculator

Online Math Textbook


If you have any questions or concerns about your student’s assignments or grade please feel free to contact me at amber.pennington@susd.k12.or.us or call Canyonville School 541-839-4396.